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How do you get started?

Unless you're an extremely brave DIY genius, with time and money to burn, you'll have someone helping you with this.

It all boils down to preproduction and planning.

So what are the steps?

  • Identify the content or story that you need to communicate.

  • Your agency and/or producer will create concepts or ideas for your video, to help you communicate your story and bring it to life on the screen.

  • Next you will review a production budget and schedule for production and either negotiate or approve those.

  • A script outline or story board will be written and then a script will be developed.

  • Talent, locations or studio, props and wardrobe will need to be discussed and planned for, as well as hair and makeup. Any sets and special effects will need to be built or created.

  • The "look" of the piece will need to be planned. Special shooting techniques or equipment will need to be discussed.

  • After the shoot, post production will begin. You will likely review the editing in stages – select scenes, then a rough assembly then a fine cut. Along the way – expect conversations about and approval stages of voice talent selection, music selection or composition, sound effects and approvals of graphics, before they are placed into the program.

  • It's a cumulative process - Above all, make sure that you are comfortable and happy with each step when it is completed - at every step of the production. Think of each step in the process as the foundation for the next step. It's easy to change something while it is being worked on. Not so easy (or cheap) later in the process.


Rule Of Thumb ! - Our prices vary with every customer.


Although our prices vary with every job, we have a basic breakdown of prices, so that every customer can have a rough estimate of their costs.


There are 3 (Three) Basic Costs. Each cost is calculated by the hour, then by the required difficulty.

  • Flight Time ( These are estimated figures allocated to the time It takes to arrive at site location up until the flight is complete and the vehicle dismantled.)

                                      -$  per hour

  • Video/Picture Capture (The Video Or pictures captured, are saved and documented both Real Time as well as through the onboard FPV Blackbox. This technology is costly and ensures efficiency and speed as well as assurity that information will not be lost.) This cost is a fixed cost for every flight, and is also calculated by the hour.

                                      -$ per hour

  • Graphic Editing ( This is the most costly aspect of the entire job. It takes the most expertise, it needs several image editing software programs as well as a lot of time to complete the finished product. Due to the availability of out sourced companies, we have customers who have hired our company for the flight and video/still capture, but who would like to do their own editing or would like the editing done by a third party. We do allow this feauture, but would like to stipulate that any footage taken by our company must bear our logo as well as clients must sign a disclaimer stating privacy laws and preferences by our company. This is soley to protect ourselves against competitive liabilities.

                                       -$ per hour


The majority of our companys' jobs have been completed within 2 hours. Thus in order to assist we have created a few packages so that clients can have an idea of pricing their jobs before contacting us.

1 Hour Flight w/out Editing

$200+ tax*

This consists of a 1 hour flight with image capture. It does not consist of video or image editing

1 Hour Flight w/ Editing

$600 + Tax*

This consists of the 1 hour of Flight and image capturing, along with editing. The Editing Charge is estimated to be a 1 day job for Basic Jobs. 1 Day = 8 hours

Full Day Private Charter

$2500 + Tax*

This Is an example of Either; 1. A full Day of image capture or 2. The Cost of a 1 day Private Charter. The estimate is an 8 hour breakdown of our 3 Costs, Flight, Image Capture, and editing.

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* Prices are shown as examples. Prices will vary depending on each job.

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