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Golf Courses & Recreational Resorts 























Showcase Your Property


Aerial Vision allows you to showcase your property and facilities, from a perspective unattainable by any other means. Use highlighted aerial images to integrate into your current, or future marketing efforts. We can also be available to capture a specific special event. We can even embed geo referenced mosaic images into Google Earth

UAV's offer a number of significant benefits when compared to manned aircrafts;


  • Fly at much lower altitude , which allows us to focus on small specific subjects.

  • With electric motors we have a lower environmental impact.

  • Able to recreate exact camera positions a number of times.



Golf Courses


  • We can provide your golf course with promotional videos from a bird's eye view. Lead golfers around the course from hole-to-hole and show them what they can expect when they arrive.

  • We can assist you in your turf management practices by providing NDVI Imaging services. Our services allow you to identify the health of your turf and determine if treatment, along with what type of treatment, is required. For more information about our NDVI Services 





  • Aerial photos or videos of the Marina.

  • Aerial photos or video for marketing materials, company website etc.



Ski Resorts & Vacation Resorts


  • Photos or video for marketing and promotional materials.

  • Special Events footage.

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