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Government Services


Accident / Crime scene Investigation


  • We can provide aerial imaging services to the police to assist in collecting images without the use of a manned aircraft.


Fire investigation assessment


  • If you need to get aerial photos or videos of a post-fire scene, we can access areas and provide multiple angles that an aerial truck cannot.


Fire scene control / management


  • For a larger fire, where we are able to respond in time, we can provide an aerial view to the fire command to assist in deployment of resources.


Hazardous environment investigation


  • Our UAV can operate in environments that may present a hazard to your personnel.

  • We can get an up-close picture of a situation without endangering your personnel.


Transportation disaster management /  investigation


  • In the event of a train derailment, we can provide aerial photography and/or aerial video services to assist in the deployment of emergency resources.

  • If the train contains hazardous tank cars, we can provide a means to make a visual assessment from a safe distance.

  • We are able to get close to, but not disturb the scene, to get detailed photos for investigation purposes.

  • In the case of a chemical spill, we can provide an aerial view of the extent of the spill, and the potential environmental impact.


Search and Rescue

  • For near shore water search, where a helicopter is not readily available, we can provide an eye in the sky.

  • When the UAV is fitted with a thermal imaging device, it can be used to detect heat sources in heavily wooded areas.

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