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Our crew is our company. We at Aerial Vision believe our crew members are the most important assets to the company. Due to the years of experience in all the fields, we are not only the most valuable, but also the most essential aspect to the company. 


If we were to have this company 10 or more years ago, it would consist of the following;


- a commercial pilot with over 20,000 hours flying experience

- a helicopter

- a photographer with experience in aerial photography.


After spending copius amounts of money on gas and time, a video and picture computer savy Editor, will be needed to publish the images captured.

That whole event would cost so much that it is one of the only reasons that companies and clients cannot afford that service. 


Our crew are well trained. Each individual is a pilot photographer with extensive education in computer graphics and editing. Additionally they act as mechanics to maintain and keep our equipment in excellent condition. After all, we do believe that our crew can only be as great as their tools.





Drone Pilot

Samuel Calderon is our expert pilot. He has over 4000 hours of documented flight, and is offering training for new pilots.

Chief Editor

Nick Lavery has been a professional photographer and digital editor for 10+ years. He is also part of a production company called Gotham Studios.


To create efficiency and cut useless costs, the pilot is the mechanic. The Pilot will have to check his vehicle before and after every flight. This is not a difficult proccess, thus there is no need to hire an additional person. For larger jobs, with more than one pilot required, we will have an extra person on board to help with the neccessary aid.


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