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What we Offer


We offer an aerial first person view of almost anything anywhere. Whether it be boating on the lake or snowboarding on the mountains, Aerial Vision is here to service your imagination. We enjoy doing things outside the box, but we still do conventional things like television ads or music videos. The way we break down our services are;

Breakdown Of Services

Our services are broken down into categories of importance;

  • Level of Difficulty

  • Time

    • Length of Time for shoot

    • Time Constraint for Editing

  • Video Or Still Footage

  • Location of Shoot

  • Distance/ Range over Area

Areas We Cover

Since we are a recent start up company, we have not received jobs outside of Ontario. We cover all of South Western Ontario, but go as far as the GTA stopping at Oshawa. The map to the left, illustrates the areas that our team and flight path can cover. For further details or inquires on traveling outside of the listed area, please email us the information and we will respond as soon as possible.

We believe that if you require our services it is our duty to make ourselves available to you.


Private Charter

Private Charters consist of a more lengthy or complicated use of our services. By acquiring this service you have hired our team as your personal on site staff for any and every need that the consumer may want for any amount of required time.

This cost Is usually a fixed cost, as our team is usually taken away from their location to an off site location and will require all equipment and more for any form of request that may be given. To give a brief idea of what it entails, back up batteries must be taken along with secondary drone, rotors, blades and other spare parts. The drone must be dismantled and then re-assembled on arrival. a test flight must be taken to make sure flight paths are responsive and that our equipment is working effectively and efficiently. Thus the charge is a flat rate per day. The customer, before hiring, must give us an estimated number of days requiring our services. 


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