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GEO Mapping




2D & 3D Orthomosaic Imaging, GIS Services and Geo Referenced DEM/DSM Models


Aerial Vision Imaging provides a variety of geo mapping and aerial surveying services including geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models. We offer an innovative service that captures high definition aerial images which can then be uploaded and processed through a web based interface. When using Ground Control Points (GCP) we can achieve sub-meter absolute accuracy.

















What we offer:


Aerial Vision offers accurate geo-spatial mapping solutions generated from 2D aerial imagery. We can provide high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Orthomosaic images and Point Cloud creation from a fixed wing or multi rotor UAV platforms.

Virtual Surveyor is Aerial Vision's solution to handle large volumes of data that come with UAV True Orthophotos and elevation models by bringing them together in a virtual environment:

  • Fast visualization

  • Drawing break lines and reference points in a 3D environment

  • Perform volume analysis

  • Real-time calculation of elevation contour lines, slopes and slope directions

  • Direct export to CAD​










UAV-based photogrammetric surveys do not directly produce vectored features. Instead, the process begins with the acquisition of aerial images in raster format. These images, which are the equivalent of raw survey measurements in conventional surveying, cover the terrain at more or less homogeneous density (irrespective of the nature of the terrain). The total volume of raw data per unit of terrain surface area thus depends on the resolution of the imagery.

The method of assessing accuracy is based on a point by point analysis.This ability in virtual surveying to force profile lines (or areas, for that matter) to "hug" the terrain at specified terrain point density outweighs the disadvantages caused by the random errors in the terrain point positions defining a photogrammetrically generated terrain model. Once features have been captured they can be exported in popular CAD and GIS formats such as dxf or shape files.




Applications & Benefits


  • Build a virtual model of your quarry using an unmanned aerial system

  • Create a complete survey plan with Virtual Surveyor software

  • Measure volumes and volume differences in a few mouse clicks

  • Identify break lines and slopes in the virtual environment

  • Use an UAV True Orthophoto as a base map of your quarry

  • 'Access' dangerous and unstable places in a safe way by using Virtual Surveyor software












Virtual surveying is not applicable to the entire spectrum of survey jobs but has a clear number of benefits when applied to the appropriate project. It implies significant cost savings as one can measure considerable more points and lines in the same time window. Moreover, in the virtual world transportation logistics are no hindrance and the weather can be controlled at will by adjusting the climate controls in the office. It is also the safest way to acquire data in dangerous environments such as mine pits, along unstable slopes or in vehicle traffic. And in case an item was overlooked, the virtual world can always be called up again to complete or correct the survey.

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