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Come Up With Us

Join us on our many journeys into the air. We provide an extensive array of services and features.


Meet Our Team


Head Pilot - S. Calderon

Pilot/Editor - Nick Lavery

Sales Rep. - Danielle Teka

Maintenance - Will Beaumaster

 Flight Footage

Take a look at our extensive footage. Over 3000 Hours of Flight time and footage with many stills in a variation of filters. Check out the Gallery for Images and Videos.

About Our Services

What we do can't all be summed up in one sentence, we offer a selection of services that can satisfy every clients' needs. We specialize in aerial footage, 3D Rendering, Roof Inspections, Surveillance, Search & Rescue. Farm Analysis, and a lot more.

How It all Began

It all started with a bunch of crazy Caribbean boys. We decided that with our lifestyle of cliff Jumping, sky diving, and the craziest journeys all around the world, its only fair that we show you. 

We all took turns shooting. Started off with disposable cameras, but now we're up there with the big boys, using state of the art platforms.

It went from us doing it by ourselves to becoming trained, licensed and insured. Now we can do everything without hiring an entire team. It took us a few years to master it, but we're finally here. Come in, look at what we offer and the companies that we have worked with.

Check us out

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